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Italian - KryssTal: Borrowed Words by Language
Borrowed words from Italian can be grouped into several types: .

loan words from italian Design 

Italian spelling, and how it treats English loanwords
It then describes how Italian has borrowed many words from English, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, and in the process of integrating and .

Pronunciation of French loanwords in Italian - WordReference Forums
Ciao a tutti, I was wondering how French loanwords are pronounced when used by Italians. I know that in German or English, where you don't .



The Phonology of Loanwords into Italian - UCL Phonetics and ...
The Phonology of Loanwords into Italian. Diego Morandini. Department of Phonetics & Linguistics. University College London. A dissertation submitted in partial .


loan word translation Italian | English-Italian dictionary | Reverso ...
loan word translation italian, English - Italian dictionary, meaning, see also 'loan', word',words',wording', example of use, definition, conjugation, Collins Reverso .

English Loan Words in Other Languages
Many of the English words used in Italian are more British than American in meaning. autogrill service station autostop hitch-hiking .

The Assimilation of English Loan - Words in Italian - JStor
The unprecedent influx of English loan-words in con- temporary Italian and its subsequent influence on Italian vocab- ulary has rendered much more obvious .

English / French / German / Italian / Spanish Homographs or ...
May 7, 2011 . English / French / German / Italian / Spanish Homographs or Loanwords, 2/4. cribbledera. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Loading.

English loanwords in Italian (Linguistics)
Discussion among translators, entitled: English loanwords in Italian. Forum name : Linguistics.

Italian Loanwords dictionary
The dictionary of italian_loanwords contains a set of kewords with translations related to italian_loanwords. Translations in more than 50 languages are .

12 Italian Loanwords
The Italian language and its Latin-derived relatives have enriched English with many words, primarily those pertaining to art, music, and cuisine.

English Loanwords in Italian
Jul 22, 2011 . Sometimes we do not realise how many English loanwords we have in Italian. Some of them have become very common, such as the very .

Italian Loanwords in English
Loanwords borrowed either directly from Italian or through French.

Category:Italian loanwords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. This category contains loanwords from Italian that are now part of the English language.

Russian/Loanwords - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
4.1 Words that entered French. 5 Italian. 5.1 Words from Italian. 6 Miscellaneous. 6.1 Words that are very similar in Russian and other Indoeuropean languages .

Making a multilingual dictionary of Italian loanwords: the Dizionario ...
Abstract: This talk will outline the methodology, scope and structure of the DIFIT ( i.e. the Dizionario di italianismi in francese, inglese, tedesco, prepared by H.


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You Already Speak Arabic! : Arabic Loanwords in European ...
Oct 9, 2010 . Arabic Loanwords in European Languages Mourad DIOURI . from Italian. arancia, originally narancia , alteration of Arabic naranj, from .


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Borrowed Words in the English Language
Borrowed words in the English Language, by Charles Fredeen. . Among them are Spanish and Italian, but as Greenough and Kittredge point out, while their .

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Lists of English loanwords by country or language of origin - Wikipedia
Lists of English loanwords by country or language of origin . List of English words of Irish origin · List of English words of Italian origin · List of English words of .


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Loanword - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Examples of loanwords from a dominant field of . soprano) is borrowed from Italian and likewise in .

Jabal al-Lughat: Arabic (and Berber?) loanwords in southern Italy
Mar 11, 2009 . Just came across a little monograph on Arabic and Berber loanwords in the dialects of the Basilicata (southern Italy): Sopravvivenze lessicali .



loan words from italian Design

20th century loanwords
activity about 20th century loanwords. . Loanwords are words brought into one country from another. Words are generally 'loaned' . 1985 ciabatta- Italian .

ITALIAN - Palgrave
Word lists – Italian loan-words - From Old English to Standard English 3rd edition . 1 . There are very few loan-words from Italian before the 16th century, and all .



loan words in english - italian
to explain the behaviour of loanwords into Italian, especially of English borrowings. The paper focuses on the assignment of stress to loans and on the .

loanwords Greek
loanwords Greek. . Loanwords in European Languages . In the case of words of Italian origin, all of them are normally declined in the Greek language, .

italian loanwords
Conceptual: italian loanwords - en. . Italian loanwords in the English language: Nouns borrowed in the sixteenth century. Italian loanwords in the English .

When Ciarli Ciaplin drives a Pejio' in Itali: writing loan words in a ...
Here we report the case of a neurologically unimpaired, highly educated Italian person, with a specific deficit in writing loan words. The aim of the study is to .

translations of loanwords - translate loanwords (English)
translation of loanwords in German - see translations. translation of loanwords in Icelandic - see translations. translation of loanwords in Italian - see translations .

The Dutch Grammar Forum • View topic - Loan words?
For those of you who are proficient in Dutch, are there other words borrowed from Italian? I'm doing some research on this subject and any .

loan word - definition of loan word by the Free Online Dictionary ...
The fact that it is written in Roman not Arabic script and that modern Maltese uses many Italian loan words - thank you is "grazie" - does not really matter.

Italian loanwords in Maltese and the vocabulary of “Levant Italian ...
Sicilian origin (V?rvaro 2004), there is a relevant number of loanwords in Maltese deriving from. Literary Italian and Italian dialects other than Sicilian.

12 Italian Loanwords
Sep 5, 2012 . The Italian language and its Latin-derived relatives have enriched English with many words, primarily those pertaining to art, music, and cuisine .

Category talk:Italian loanwords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories for discussion, This category was nominated for deletion, renaming, or merging with another category on 23 July 2009. The result of the discussion .

Italian Loan Words in the Inflexional Noun ... - Walter de Gruyter
Italian loan words constitute a broad and homogeneous subset within the . cuisine or the economy.1 But there are also very common Italian loan words that .$002fflin.1995.29.issue-3-4$002fflin.1995.29.3-4.407$002fflin.1995.29.3-4.407.xml

"Italish Does It Better - Loanwords and Newspeak in Italy" by Gani ...
It is a sunny Sunday. I sit in the Piazza Duomo, the main square in Como, Italy, sipping a cappuccino and idly watching the world go by. A middle-aged man .

Italian Loan Words in the Inflexional Noun System of Modern ...
Recently viewed (1). Italian Loan Words in ... My Searches (0) .

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loan words from italian Design

Loan Words - Gairaigo
The Japanese language has borrowed many words from foreign countries, firstly . Dutch, German (especially from the field of medicine), French and Italian (not .

Arabic loan words - Conservapedia
Arabic Loan Words and English synonyms. Word with Arabic .


Kang Loanwords July 17 - Yoonjung Kang
Lexical borrowings, or loanwords, are by far the most commonly attested . This is a Ph.D. thesis that examines English, Italian, and German loanwords in .

German loanwords in the English language | OxfordWords blog
Aug 6, 2012 . Throughout history, English has borrowed words from other . Allegro stems from the Italian for 'lively, gay', and soprano is derived from sopra, .

English 'Loan Words'
Some Interesting English 'Borrowed' Words . Imports from Greek, Latin, Norse, French, German, Spanish Italian and Dutch are so numerous as to be .

Define loanwords | Dictionary and Thesaurus
A loanword (or loan word) is a word directly taken into one language from . most of the technical vocabulary referring to classical music is borrowed from Italian.

Libyan Arabic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Many Italian loanwords also exist, in addition to Turkish, Berber and English words. . Italian loanwords exist mainly, but not exclusively, as a technical jargon.

The Origin of Italian Words | Pimsleur Approach™
Italian also contains many loanwords (that is, words borrowed from one language and incorporated into another) and calques (words or expressions borrowed .

French borrowings into Italian
Item borrowed into Italian . Not to forget the incredible amount of literary words which pass into Italian poetry . In it, only a few words are borrowed from French.

What Do You Know About Loan Words In Languages? | Antimoon Forum
They do count but are what linguists call "loan translations. . There are also 7 words each from the Indonesian and Italian languages, 2 words .

loanword - definition and examples of loan words in English
Examples are passé from French, diva from Italian, and leitmotiv from German. . Finally, a Lehnwort ('loan word') has become a virtual native in the new .

Learn Serbian - Vocabulary
On the other hand, as in Croatian, there are plenty of Italian loanwords in the coastal vernaculars (in Spi?, Paštrovi?i, Boka Kotorska, Dubrovnik area and at .

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what are some loanwords in the Polish language?
Dec 17, 2008 . Italian left many words in Polish culture and some in cuisine (and I don't mean only pizza, but also words borrowed in 17th century, when a .


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"Introduction to the History of English" Loanwords in English Basics ...
Loanwords in English . loans. Length of contact. Determines number of loans: The longer the contact the more loans . During EModE or later: Italian (9d) - .


loan words from italian Design

Loan words - definition of Loan words by the Free Online Dictionary ...
The fact that it is written in Roman not Arabic script and that modern Maltese uses many Italian loan words - thank you is "grazie" - does not really matter.

Italian - Tag Archive: Italian | OxfordWords blog
Aug 6, 2012 . German loanwords in the English language. Cockroach . What have Italian composer Rossini and American rapper Ja Rule got in common?



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English loanwords in European languages | Antimoon Forum
I would be very grateful if anyone send me websites or documents he/she may have regarding English loanwords in the Italian language or .

FAST-US-1 Intro to American English Reference File
Oct 23, 2011 . Inside the U.S., 'regional' associations with certain loan words. Regional specificity of Spanish, French, Italian, Yiddish, Chinese, Swedish, etc., .

Gairaigo - Borrowed Words in Japanese
Over time, the words borrowed from China lost their original meaning and took on a new . The words from Italy are, not surprisingly, related to food and music.

Language: The Human Quintessence | Loanwords vs. Loan Shifts in ...
Dutch is a language with a lexicon largely made of borrowed words. . Focusing on Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, and Scandinavian languages, .

Constraining Gender Assignment Rules - Introducing MMM
The need for gender assignment arises mainly in the case of headless neologisms and loanwords. The paper draws evidence mainly from loanwords into Italian .

ITALIAN LOAN WORDS IN AZERBAIJANI. Prof. Dr. FARID ALAKBARLI. Institute of Manuscripts of the Azerbaijan National. Academy of Sciences,. 1. Introduction .

Genre and loans: English words in an Italian newspaper
Oct 6, 2006 . 'Botti vietati agli under 14,' La Repubblica, 29 Dec 03. The aim of this work is to examine the use of English loan words in a specific genre of .

Romanian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The use of these Romanianized French and Italian loanwords has tended to increase at the expense of Slavic loanwords, many of which have become rare or .

Italian English revisited
In 1940, the “Accademia d'Italia” (Italian Academy) instituted a list of Italian substitutions for foreign words; violators caught using loanwords were subjected to .

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loan words from italian Design 

Loanword Adaptation in Mandarin Chinese: Perceptual ...
2.2 Adaptation approaches and types of loanwords in Mandarin ………………..... 29 . Table 2.9 Syllable structure of English, German and Italian …

Gender Assignment of English Loan Words in American ... - JStor
choice of language in various social contexts, language attrition, the writ- ten use of the immigrant variety of Italian, and the types of words that are borrowed.


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Influence of Arabic on other languages - Wikipedia, the free ...
In languages not directly in contact with the Arab world, Arabic loanwords are . Outside the Islamic world, for example in English, French and Italian there are .

Spices imported through Northern Italy brought cumin and caraway (c. . As Freeborn points out, “loan-words taken directly into English from Arabic are not in .

Approaches to the phonological analysis of loanword ... - SEAS
pronunciation of Spanish loanwords in Mazateco1 suggests that there might be . in a short consonant in the source language are borrowed into Italian by .

Hyperforeignism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In English, hyperforeignisms are seen in loan words from many different languages. . The word "parmesan", though it denotes an Italian cheese, derives its .

Loan Words
Italian infinitival -are), eg. calaro, molaro etc. Slavic, Albanian, Vlach (Aromanian) , Turkish loanwords. Turkish loans range over a variety of semantic domains .

loanword (linguistics) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
For example, the large number of words denoting financial institutions and operations borrowed from Italian by the other western European languages at the .

Italian language, alphabet and pronunciation
Details of Italian, a Romance language spoken mainly in Italy and . They are used mainly in foreign loan words and their pronunciation depends on the word .

Maltese language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
About half of the vocabulary is borrowed from standard Italian and Sicilian,; English words make up between 6% and 20% of the Maltese vocabulary, according .

Polish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Polish has, over the centuries, borrowed a number of words from other languages. . Typical loanwords from Italian include pomidor from pomodoro ( tomato), .

Campidanese dialect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Campidanesu has some borrowed words from Aragonese, Catalan and Spanish. The last hundred years have also seen an increase in Italian borrowed words.

Latin spelling and pronunciation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4.2.1 Post-Medieval Latin; 4.2.2 Loan words and formal study; 4.2.3 . Based on Italian Greek, where ??? was still pronounced /dz/, di- and de- before a vowel .

loanwords Hungarian
loanwords Hungarian. . Loanwords in European Languages. Vocabulary Takeovers . The country was influenced by the Renaissance and Italian Humanism.

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Guttural Deletion in Loanwords - JStor
Among 4,499 segmental malformations found in English loanwords in three . Portuguese and Italian, does not employ the Pharyngeal node, the articulator .

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Molisan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ith the exception of loan words from Italian and Neapolitan, it has no palatal 'gl' sound (similar to the second syllable of million in the Received Pronunciation .

 By: Christine Bolduc

List of replaced loanwords in Turkish - Wikipedia, the free ...
Contemporary Turkish includes Ottoman Turkish loanwords—mostly of Arabic and French, but also Persian, Greek, and Italian origin—which were replaced with .


Category:Lists of loanwords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
E. Lists of English loanwords by country or language of origin . List of loan words in Indonesian · List of Portuguese words of Italian origin .

Category:Romance loanwords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I. ? Italian loanwords? (166 P). P. ? Portuguese loanwords? (33 P). R. ? Romanian loanwords? (7 P) . Pages in category "Romance loanwords". The following .


List of calques - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although some Western vocabulary entered the language as loanwords – e.g., Italian salvietta, "napkin," was simply Russified in sound and spelling to .

List of Arabic loanwords in English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arabic loanwords in English are words acquired directly from Arabic or else indirectly by . Modern Italian also has it:Arsenale meaning the storage of munitions.

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The loanword after the loan - Illinois Language and Linguistics Society
Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian loanwords borrowed into Japanese have changed over the course of the last 120 years. All loanwords .

By: Christine Bolduc 

Old Frankish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not all of these loanwords have been retained in modern French. . apud hoc " near this" ? Italian, Spanish con) in Old French (Modern French avec), and for the .

Reference, bibliographical and other works in Italian language ...
Rando, Gaetano Dizionario degli anglicismi nell'italiano postunitario. Firenze: Olschki, 1987 .


A brief history of the Romanian language
It is closest to modern Italian in terms of mutual intelligibility, but also shares many . in particular by the assimilation of French and Italian loan words which have .


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Turkish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Exceptions include some suffix combinations and loanwords, particularly from Italian and Greek, as well as interjections, adverbs, and many proper names.

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Foreign Words (Fremdwörter)
Actually, loanwords have always constituted huge portions of the German vocabulary. . but most of them come from English, French, Greek, Italian, and Latin.

By: Christine Bolduc 

Tunisian Arabic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most Tunisians view Tunisian Arabic as a derivative form of Classical Arabic with loanwords from Berber, French, Italian, Turkish and Spanish though awareness .

German language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the 15th to 17th centuries, the influence of Italian was great, leading to many Italian loanwords in the fields of architecture, finance, and music.

ATLAS - Tigrinya: The Tigrinya Language
You will be surprised to find many familiar words. Borrowed Words. Tigrinya has borrowed a lot of words from other languages. Among the Italian words in .



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revue officielle de la Société canadienne pour ... - University of Toronto
(37); loan words from Italian which have taken on differ- ent meanings in English: "pronto, adv. and interj. - not pronto ( = subito) but ready, so that il pranzo sarà .

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Pseudo-anglicism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pseudo-anglicisms are words in languages other than English which were . Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian ????????, Spanish, . Originally a French loanword with the meaning of "bargain" and pronounced .

By: Christine Bolduc

Hard and soft G - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Loanwords from Italian go against this tendency, e.g. segue is pronounced / ?s??we?/. In loanwords from non-Romance languages, such as the Japanese .

15 Loan Words That Perfectly Encompass Their Nation -
A loanword is a word that originates in one culture and gets appropriated by . largo, pizzicato, soprano, trio sonata, virtuoso - those are all Italian words .

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buy xbox 360 kinect cheap MELTEMI.
Apr 12, 2012 . Compare Italian meltem (19th cent.). A possible etymon for both the Greek and the Turkish words (which are probably loanwords) is Italian .


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Descriptive Analysis of English Loanwords in Korean
aligned English words attested as loanwords in Korean, and it details a number of . from a number of languages, including Italian, French, Japanese, Greek, .

in loan words from italian’s Ugly Bathroom Giveaway


UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Masters Dissertations awarded since 1974. The following is a .

Diminutive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1.2.1 French; 1.2.2 Italian. Italian loanwords. 1.2.3 Latin; 1.2.4 Portuguese ; 1.2.5 Galician; 1.2.6 Romanian; 1.2.7 Spanish. 1.3 Baltic languages .


Italian language in Venezuela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Italian language in Venezuela has been present since colonial times in the areas . many geographical words in Venezuela are loanwords from Italian.


Subgrouping Indo-European: A fresh perspective.
Fortunately, the number of loanwords among the 40 items used by ASJP . First of all, although Cimbrian possesses a fair share of Italian loanwords, this is .

Discovering Polish and Poland: Loanwords in Polish - zapo?yczenia
Loanwords show intercultural contacts and influences between the nations. . came to Poland but also noble people started to be interested in Italian culture.


Tag Archive: loanwords | OxfordWords blog
Aug 6, 2012 . Cockroach, lantern, algebra, sabbath – these are only a few of the loanwords that we use in the English language without them striking us as .

English Loanwords in Serbo-Croatian - JStor
Other source languages are French, English, Hungarian, and Italian. Before the Second World War, the number of loanwords from English was relatively small.


Sino-Japanese vocabulary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chinese pronunciation was approximated in words borrowed from Chinese . became closer to an English CH in Italian words where the C is followed by an E .


Borrowed Words
Loanwords are words adopted by the speakers of one language from a different . from Italian American immigrants—cappuccino, espresso, linguini, mafioso, .

Loanwords from 12+ Unexpected Languages
. as French and Italian: Each source accounts for about 28 percent of . These words borrowed into English cannot be traced to a particular .


Words of Foreign Origin in Different Languages - Lexiophiles
May 21, 2010 . The same phenomenon happens with German, French or Italian. . The funny thing is, sometimes they may have borrowed words, but they also .


List of English words of Turkic origin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the nineteenth century, Turkic loanwords, generally of Turkish origin, began . Spanish, Italian, Latin, Malayan, to a different extent, took part in the process of .

Japanese/Lessons/Introduction/Amerika-jin desu ka/Foreign loan ...
"Loan words" from Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, French, and Italian have also been incorporated into the language, though English remains the most common.


List of English words of Spanish origin - Wikipedia, the free ...
. whose origin can be traced to the Spanish language as "Spanish loan words". . or Italian), but their passage into English is believed to be through Spanish.


Something Borrowed - A Matching Quiz on Loanwords - Quiz on ...
Over the past 1500 years, English has borrowed words from more than 300 other . (k) German (l) Italian (m) Portuguese (n) Spanish (o) Norwegian (p) Tagalog .

Define loanword | Dictionary and Thesaurus
A loanword (or loan word) is a word directly taken into one language from another . its displeasure over the borrowing of English words and syntax in Italian.


Serbian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The accent is an excellent indicator for that, since German loanwords in Serbian have rising accents. Italian words in standard language were often borrowed via .

Sharing words among languages - loanwords
English also uses numerous Italian words, among which are pizza, opera, mafia and ciao. From German, English borrowed angst, aspirin, flak, blitz, vandal, etc.


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loan words - Where is the root morpheme in Modern English ...
Jun 12, 2011 . Why don't you consider ambassad (in ambassador) as a bound root here and -or as a suffix forming an agent nouns (as in other loan words .


Languages - Somalia
May 6, 2007 . Loanwords from Arabic, English, and Italian have been thoroughly assimilated by Somali phonetic rules. Until 1972, the official languages of .

Bacterias, bacteriae, bacteriums? Sorting out the ignoramuses from ...
Apr 10, 2012 . These loanwords are believed to make up half of all English words, and . are sourced chiefly from Latin, ancient Greek, French, and Italian.


Romanian lexis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By the later Middle Ages, a great number of Slavic loanwords had already entered . by importing words from Latin, Italian, and to the greatest extent, French.


Spanish Loan Words
This is just a selection of the Spanish loan words we use in English. . there are a lot of spanish, french, italian and portuguese words in .


Words! Words! Words! - Vocabulary - Postscript | Linguarama
The Oxford English Dictionary, for example, lists about 900 of these "loan words" coming from India alone. You can also find borrowings from Hebrew, Arabic, .


Word-final consonants (and clusters): 'sport' > 'sport? ...
I don't know how, if at all, other English loan words have been adapted to Italian, and if there is any difference depending on when they were .

The Integration of Foreign Loans in the Phonology of Italian - JStor
that we can predict the Italian pronunciation of new loans? In this paper I will show that there are rules involved in the inte- gration of foreign loan words into the .


About loan words from italian 

Loan-words - definition of Loan-words by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Etruscan was the most important of these Italian tongues, and left many traces behind: crapula (hangover), rosa (rose) and columna (column) are all loan-words .

English, a Cold Language? Do we need so many Loves? | Antimoon Forum
"English has much more words than Italian. It has the . English has the largest vocabulary of LOAN WORDS in the world! 30% FRENCH, 30% .

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Ancient Germanic Languages Documented – A Preliminary Sketch
In all over 400 Langobardic loan-words have so far been identified in the Italian language (Christie, pp. 229 – 230) and its dialects. The Langobard heritage is .

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Loan Words - Szkolenia sprzeda?
11) Forest - French. 12) Sushi - Japanese. 13) Pizza - Italian. 14) Spaghetti - Italian. 15) Chianti - Italian. LEVEL B1.5 - B.2. This Week - Loan words .

Writing disorders in Italian aphasic patients - Brain
(v) Finally, mention should be made of the spelling of. 'loan-words' (usually from English or French) incorporated into the Italian lexicon (e.g. BLUE-JEANS, .

Appendix:Vulgar Latin in Romance languages - Wiktionary
1 Grammatical changes; 2 Germanic loan words; 3 Words whose meaning has . SANIORE > plus sano (French plus sain, Italian più sano, Spanish mas sano, .

Maltese - Language Information & Resources
The Unique Language of Maltese: Arabic and Italian Influences . In more recent years, words borrowed from the English language also have contributed .

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Shepherd-Loanwords: A Pitfall for All Students (TESL/TEFL)
Interestingly enough, many of the loanwords were related to particular characteristics or qualities of the country from which they were taken. Thus, from Italian .


Sardinians - definition of Sardinians by the Free Online Dictionary ...
(Linguistics / Languages) the spoken language of Sardinia, sometimes regarded as a dialect of Italian but containing many loan words from Spanish .


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The English World of Science Is all Greek |
Feb 20, 2011. proportions, itself relates to Latin - another source of loan words. . to Italy and beyond, accounts for the regular meanings of Greek words .


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loan words from italianme by forex pivot points chart

Your Source For All Things Tile

Butcher,Carmen A. - Cengage Learning
French Loanwords. Middle English Borrowings. Later French Loanwords. Spanish and Portuguese Loanwords. Italian Loanwords. Germanic Loanwords.